A witch is a person with the power to effect change by magical means ("Witchcraft"). A witch can be either male or female, as they connect with the elements and forces of nature, in order to practice sorcery.

The Witches Of Eastwick


Almost anyone is capable of becoming a witch, however one must harness the spiritual energy and supernatural forces that surrounds them in everyday life. Although the majority of witches receive their magic from a Higher Power, natural born witches receive their magic through genetics, which often begin to develop during early childhood. When the three potential witches are in the same place, the three are attracted like magnets and brought by certain coincidences to the same place, where the three of them being together will release the magic powers hidden within them. The three women once together maintain a great connection, something that none of them had shared before releasing their magic.

The more the bonds of friendship between witches increase, the more their connection will increase. Witches can know when one is in danger and other times they can interact in each other's dreams to know what happened in the reality of each one, like when Kat was in the bathtub and in her dream she appeared wet, Joanna Paralyzed and in reality was due to poisoning and Roxie being taken to the forest by Jamie who was trying to kill her.

Awakening PowersEdit

The witches' powers are released once they gather in one place. In the 1980s and 2009, witches gather at a fountain and make a wish at the same time, when they toss the coins they collide with each other and it is believed that this is what unleashes the powers within them.


Magic (or Witchcraft) is the power to effect change by magical means. Magic can often be split into dark and light, though depending on the situation can also be neutral. Magic is both a genetic heredity and a studied technique that connects a person to the elements and forces of nature in order to practice witchcraft.

True natureEdit

leftBefore a witch has released her powers, the nature of these is shown in her throughout her life in different ways. Kat Gardener all her life had a great passion to heal others and for that reason she dedicated herself to the infirmary, when her powers were exhibited, it was known that this was because she is a healer, a witch with the ability to heal. Kat also caused the vegetables around her to multiply inexplicably, later it was revealed that she had powers related to plants and nature.

Basic PowersEdit

Witches can make enchantments through magical rituals. In the movie, witches performed a ritual that allowed Darryl to be wounded by voodoo. In the series, the witches were able to infect Raymond with smallpox through a ritual out of a magic book.

Individual PowersEdit

In the television series, each witch acquires a power related to her personality or nature, Roxie, a spiritual and intuitive woman developed premonitory and telepathic skills, Joanna a woman who had trouble getting the things she wanted could make men do What she wanted and Kat, due to her love for her nursing profession, developed healing powers and as a mother of five children she is fertile as the earth, so she has powers related to nature, healing as the earth and destructive as the same.

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