Katherine "Kat" Gardener is a level-headed mother of five children, a nurse at Eastwick General Hospital, and the wife of Raymond Gardener. Struggling to balance a happy and healthy life and marriage, Kat is often compared to Mother Nature.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Elemental Control: Kat has the power to control and manipulate the elements of air, earth, fire, and water.
    • Chlorokinesis: Kat is able to control vegetation and the life within it, such as by accelerating, reviving, or withering plant growth and creating various organic flora at will.
    • Atmokinesis: Kat can control and manipulate meteorological phenomenon through precise manipulation of humidity, precipitation, temperature, and barometric pressure.
  • Healing: Kat could induce rapid healing in others via physical contact, as she was able to magically heal the injuries of her hospital patients.


  • Emotions: Kat's power is subject to the influence of her emotional state and may fluctuate according to them. According to Eleanor Rougement, strong emotions such as hate and anger can actually fuel Kat's power and energize her.
  • Mortality: Despite their mystical attributes, witches are still human and share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. age, decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, snapped neck, etc.). However, witches immune to drowning.
  • Overexertion: According to Eleanor Rougement, Kat heals by taking on other people's suffering, absorbing the negative energy surrounding their injuries into herself; her body seems to be able to nullify this negative energy after a certain amount of time. Thus healing too many people in rapid succession can place great physical strain on her body (e.g. symptoms could include disorientation, nose bleeds, grey hair and unconsciousness).

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